Stanley Cup Playoffs Overtime Hockey

There are simply not many things in sports as intense, exciting and ultimately absolute as overtime games during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Think about it. In basketball, overtime is timed. In baseball, the home team is guaranteed an at bat. And now in football, both teams are practically guaranteed a possession. Yes…I know that there can still be a first possession touchdown in the NFL or the “walk off” in the bottom of the inning in baseball. But hockey can go multiple overtimes as they play for the ultimately winning goal. It can come just seconds into overtime…or sometimes the teams can play nearly another full game of three (or more) overtime periods. It’s edge of the seat, must-see sports viewing.

Tonight the Ducks held a 4-2 lead over the Blackhawks with two minutes remaining in the game. By pulling their goalie, the Blackhawks scored twice to force overtime. Then, as absolute as it gets, just 45 seconds into the overtime, the Ducks scored for the final victory of 5-4. Exciting hockey. But I don’t think anyone on either side expected it to end in the first minute of overtime.

And for the record, my second post didn’t take that long, now did it?